About Wayne & BowTie Carpet Cleaning Services

My name is Wayne Hoffmann. I founded BowTie Carpet Cleaning LLC one of the leading carpet cleaning companies, on the principles my mother taught me during a time when doing a good job was expected, when relationships (personal and professional) were based on trust, and the value of a service was based on results. BowTie customers understand the value of trustworthy carpet cleaning services, and expect nothing less than professional carpet cleaning results from the best carpet cleaner. For those individuals, service + results = BowTie.

My professional career has been varied, including ten years teaching, ten years in engineering, and ten years in contracting. My interest in carpet cleaning services grew out of learning about the various environmental contaminants to which my wife was allergic. Understanding the health impacts of clean carpets led me to create BowTie. Today, I'm proud to combine decades of technical knowledge and experience with good-old-fashioned commitment to cleanliness and floor cleaning to help people enjoy a safe, healthy, clean environment at home and at work.

  • Our floor cleaning methods are specific... designed to provide a unique sanitizing level of clean.
  • Our floor cleaning philosophy is simple... dedicated to providing an unprecedented level of integrity, respect, and service.
  • We look different because we are different. And we hope you'll give us the opportunity to show you how.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

Professional carpet cleaning by BowTie makes your floors look and feel like new, and your home a happier healthier place to be!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Fresh floor cleaning makes any facility a more pleasant place to work and a more professional place to do business.


Professional Carpet Cleaning including Scotchguard Protection

Extend the life of your carpet with Scotchgard Protector.


BowTie Carpet Cleaning... We look different because we are different.